DUETS: But it's a dry cold


Winnipeg embraces its identity as a winter city -- and the world takes notice

I feel privileged to be invited by HTFC Planning & Design to photograph their on-going 2018 series, DUETS, conversations on topics centred around design.

For this edition of the series, we met at the Qualico Family Centre at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg on a crisp late fall afternoon. The conversation was excellent and the hot chocolate and tea kept our hands warm!

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Everyone designs. From inspired entrepreneurs full to the brim with ideas for our city to the many pop-up shops that have emerged in our downtown.

From the corner coffee shop to the local body shop, design is everywhere.

Duets is an exclusive Winnipeg Free Press series that pairs design experts with local champions and innovators to brainstorm new opportunities for civic building.

Interview by HTFC Planning & Design
Article written by Matthew Carreau
Photography by Lindsay Reid

Lindsay Reid