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Lindsay Reid, Architectural Photographer

I am an independent commercial photographer specializing in architectural exteriors, interiors, landscape photography and the designed/built environment.

During my 18 years as a web designer, I realized my brain functioned best when both right and left side were challenged which ultimately led me to the field of photography. 

Photography has proven to be a perfect balance between creative and technical. I love the idea of capturing the flow of people through a space at a given moment in time.  My vision of each composition is fulfilled by choosing when that moment is captured, executed through technical control of my equipment and is polished with my many years of experience editing in Photoshop.

My continuous curiosity in both the design and technical sides of architecture and photography push and propel me to produce quality images for my clients.

When not working with architects, interior designers, engineers and builders, I enjoy hiking, exploring and photographing the beauty of the natural world.


I look forward to photographing your beautiful spaces.



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